Monday, October 18, 2010

The Finality of Rock

Craig's tombstone is finally in place.

Technically it is a monument, out of rock. I suppose this makes it fitting since Craig's name originates from 'crag', which actually means 'rock'. I always used to tell him that he was my rock, my Craig.

Only this rock is not my Craig.

It is not the one I would have chosen for him.

And it breaks my heart.

He does not belong inscribed on some piece of marble, his photograph and two sets of dates all that is left to tell the world who he is.

If I could, I would have created one for the two of us, not just for him and his parents, so that he and I could be together for eternity just as he promised. I would have used it to tell the world who he really was.

"Here lies Craig Garvin, my beloved, the lover of my soul.
He was taken from us far too soon but even if we had grown old together, as promised, I would still have begged the heavens for just one more day.

He was loved by many, his smile lit up every room he entered, and he meant the world to those that mattered.

Forever and always, my love, I am your beloved and you are mine.
The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly."

I hate the finality of this piece of rock.

I hate that there is a marker locked away in a cemetary for him.

It just isn't right.

None of this is.

Craig, my love, where did you go?

Come back to me.

Come back.

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  1. I am so, so sorry and wish there were words to ease your pain. Know you are in so many people's thoughts and we are sending you love, hope and strength. Hugs.