Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Notes from the Past

I have grief group tonight and need to do a 'Show and Tell'. At first I thought, 'Cool! I get to talk about Craig uninterrupted for 5 - 8 minutes!' Then the reality started to sink in - I need to BRING something and talk about it and tell the story of Craig's life in a mere 5 minutes using only one or two photos or objects. Sh*t.

I panicked.

I was supposed to do it last week and crapped out, not even going to grief group. I am a lousy widow.

This week I figure I have to, no matter what. So I hunted and hunted to find something to use to tell the group about my Craig. Doesn't help half my stuff is still packed (can't even find the damn box with all our wedding photos... what the hell!) but I did manage to find some old notes. Thought I'd throw a few passages up here since they cheered me up so much.

(Once again, spelling and grammar were left as-is on purpose)

"I was telling Bobby about how I didn't place at the Taekwondo tournament. I said to him how I felt it was alright to be imperfect. Then he was like "Oh my God, my life is over; Im going to cut my wrists, Craigs not perfect, That was the only Thing I believed IN."


"Hey you. I know you have had a rough Year with work, school, family and supposed friends, so I thought I would just remind you (Not that you forget things) that I will always be here for you. After all, whos going to be your backup when you get kicked out and your friend steals your bag. Sorry I cant give you a University Degree in Management or Science, but I'll let you use my computer. :)

PS 'In a world that keeps on pushing me around, but I stand my Ground, and I wont back down.' - Tom Petty"


"First of all I just want to say I Love you. Second your my wife and I think your great. If I had all the riches in the world, you would still be the best thing in my life. Your my buddy and nothing can take that away.

Even if we dont get the jobs that everyone knows we diserve because we have no education and look like twelve year olds, we can enjoy the time we have together just being with one another.

We at some point will look back on this and say 'those were the tough years but we made it." We are both blessed to have found two of the few (Thats poetic for me and you.)"

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  1. So beautiful....I just re-read some of Bens letters today and blogged about it...then I come here and see this...wow!! I can relate...its just bitter sweet!!