Sunday, February 27, 2011

Death Statistics

So here are the stats breaking down the ages of the people who die each year. These are American stats (couldn't find any available for Canada) but I'm guessing it's about the same:

Age--Percent of People dying at that age

Under 1 year--1.2%
1-4 years--0.2%
5-14 years--0.3%
15-24 years--1.3%
25-34 years--1.7%
35-44 years--3.7%
45-54 years--6.7%
55-64 years--10.0%
65-74 years--18.4%
75-84 years--29.1%
85 and over--27.4%

All I have to say is, 1.7% - wtf. Almost 90% of the people who die are at least twice his age. Stop and think about that - how unnatural it is to die so young.

Even amongst the dead Craig was a rarity.

How stupidly unfair.

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