Thursday, August 5, 2010

Getting Myself Together

Am trying to pull my sh*t together (pardon my language) today. I feel like I have been all over the map this week. Don't know what's wrong with me (outside of the obvious: my husband died).

I have been sad, angry, frustrated, sad, angry, and sad some more... And usually all in the space of five minutes. So funny how Craig used to say I have tornado mood swings. I can only imagine what he'd call them now! Ha!

Time to put on my Big Girl Panties, toughen up, and get myself into the right mindframe to go back to work and get on with things.

My house needs cleaning.

My car needs fixing.

Photos need scanning and organizing.

My laundry desperately needs doing.

Letters need writing.

Groceries need buying.

The gym is calling my name, begging me to come back.

I need to find somewhere to live.

I need to organize my banking.


That list is too bloody long. Help! I'm drowning in To Do's!

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