Thursday, September 16, 2010

6 Months

Today is my 6 month Sadiversary.

I can't believe it has been that long - half a year already. From this day on I will be closer to the 1 year mark than to the date of the accident.

The 6 month mark is supposed to be some sort of magical date. Many widows say it is when their real grieving starts, noting how much harder the loss hits them around this time. Others have said this is when they began to feel some closure or when they felt comfortable dating again.

For me, it feels no different from yesterday or two weeks ago. It's just another day without Craig.

To 'celebrate' I am heading downtown to the bank to deal with more estate stuff and then I'm off to the lawyer's to deal with more legal stuff.

Yes, 6 months later, it is still a never ending to-do list.


Fortunately I did most of my crying yesterday and the day before.

Maybe today won't be so bad?

Here's hoping.

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  1. The sadiversaries will be your reality for a lifetime...the 16th of any month will bring back memories...hopefully more good ones as time passes. Your blog displays your wonderful ability to write and be assured you are helping others as you journey this new path of life. Thank you for sharing and I will remember you in my prayers.