Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 Months Today

Today is the big 3 month mark.

And I have no idea what is wrong with me but I actually forgot until just a few minutes ago. Would dwell on this more but I think it was a simple case of waking up happy today, encouraged by a friend's words. So I'll just hang on to that little piece of happiness to help ride out today's storm.

No being sad today.

Instead, lets celebrate with some of Craig's emails, the ones I like the best:

A response to me when he first started working at TD and I first emailed him:

"Please stop flirting with me. I am married to a wonderful woman who is too good for me and I am trying to get an education. Thank you for banking with TD."
From a night when I had to work late:

"I miss us spending time together. WHEN OOOOH WHEN can I sea you again.(SEA because I love you the size of the ocean).(yes I know the ocean and sea are different)."
From just a random day:

"Hey Sally. Thanks for the hug this morning, it made the cold day a little warmer.
Yeah that was crap, but it's all I have to offer and you eat that $hit up! Love ya"
And of course, one that still kills me every time:

"Hey remember all the good times? You know when you were a kid (I mean as a child, not a small goat) and you could ride your bike all over the place. You were free to do what you want, when you wanted and no one could tell you anything.

Then you get older, and the Thugs of Capitalism steal your bike, and your bus tickets, and your shoes and leave you with nothing but anger and frustration held tightly in your hand, you just have to remind yourself:

'Hey, I think SwingTown is on in couple of Days', 'Man my wife has a great body', 'I'd still hit that!'

This has been another session of Inside a Man's Mind."

(sorry about that last one, mom. I just couldn't resist)

Smiles all around today.

Thank you, Craig, for still making me laugh.

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  1. Craig had such a great sense of humor!!