Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Victories

Today I am going to remember the woman I was before I was Craig's wife.

Today I am going to be proud of all the things I can still do.

Today I am making a list of my little accomplishments:

1. Yesterday I fastened a bracelet, one-handed, all by myself. First time ever. It took a mere ten minutes but, hey, who's counting? See? I don't need a man for everything.

2. I have taken the garbage out, on time, every Wednesday for the last three months. Not bad for someone who wouldn't even tie up the bag before. Stupid yucky garbage. That is why it's a boy's job.

3. I checked and adjusted the air pressure in my tires. True, Dad had to demonstrate, but I didn't even make them explode or anything when I did it myself. Take that!

4. I have paid the bills, more or less on time, for the last three months.

5. I have managed to avoid drinking any of the expired milk in the fridge, instead opting for a sniff test and a quick dump down the drain.

6. I have gassed up my own car. Several times. Even figuring out the pay at the pump all by myself. P.S. Pay at the Pump? Greatest invention of all time. Now I don't have to talk to any humans EVER.

7. I hung pictures all by myself. Well, with Craig's handy dandy stud finder. Sadly this device does not work on actual humans.

8. I went to Men's Walmart (a.k.a. Rona) all by myself and picked out lightbulbs that were even the right kind and everything.

9. I found Draino. I managed to use the Draino. I didn't even blind myself, corrode my hand, or melt my bathtub drain. Haza!

10. I get out of bed every day even though I really don't want to.

You see how capable I have become? I hope you are watching Craig. Well. Except for when I was in Rona. Sorry about the explosive profanity. I know you consider it a sacred place.

So today I am going to enjoy my little victories.


  1. Oh Emily - you make me laugh; you make me cry. You're a gifted writer and I'm so glad you're sharing your journey with us. Our prayers continue! Craig's advice was wise; keep hearing his voice and "Be strong in the Lord"!

  2. I think that deserves a few gold stars ;)